Imperative    ( ประโยคคำสั่ง )
We use the imperative to give advice ( ใช้ประโยคคำสั่งในการให้คำแนะนำ )

I have a headache.                Take an aspirin.
I have a stomachache.                Don't eat rich food.
My back hurts.                        Have a massage.
My feet are hurting me.        Take off your shoes.                
I have an earache.                Don't put your finger in your ear.

Exercise   Match the problem with the advice.
1. _______ I have a toothache.                        a. Take some aspirin.
2. _______ I have a terrible headache.                b. Don't eat so much.
3. _______ My stomach hurts often.                c. Put on your warm clothes.
4. _______ I'm tired at the end of the day.        d. Drink some lemon tea.
5. _______ I think I have a cold.                        e. Go to the dentist.
6. _______ I can't sleep at night.                        f. Don't work so hard.
7. _______ I feel cold.                                g. Don't eat so fast.
8. _______ My heart is broken.                        h. Don't watch a horror
                                                                            movies before bed.
9. _______ I often have indigestion.                i. Go out with your friends
                                                                            and forget him / her.
10. ______ I have an earache.                        J. Don't put your finger in your ear.