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1. My boyfriend is so______. He never takes me to the nice restaurant. 

A. expensive             B. shy

C. cheap                  D. lazy

2. Thanwa bought a fancy sports car to ______ his girlfriend.

A. tolercate              B. expert

C. impress                D. reduce

3. I’m really_________. I’ve ate at buffet.

A. hungry                 B. full

C. vomit                  D. thirsty

4. Do you live in ________ or in suburbs?

A. river                    B. rural

C. downtown            D. avenue

5. I have to _______ a train to Big Berge and then get a flight to San Francisco.

A. caught        B. catch      C. travel  D. hike

6. If we need to get there as fast as possible. What type of train do we choose?

A. First-class compartment     B. Local train

C. Sleeper-car compartment  D. Express train

7. Do we have to ________ seats in advance?

A. preserve               B. register

C. reserve                D. order

8. Pornthip is a __________ tour guide. She is very helpful.

A. first-hand              B. first-man

C. first-rate               D. first-range

9. Where can we put the suitcase in the car?

A. In the tank           B. on the roof

C. On the seat          D. in the car

10. You can go the phone company _________ downstairs to pay your bill.

A.shop                     B.headquarters

C.level                    D.outlet

11. I couldn’t get a refund because I had lost the________

A. ticket                   B. receipt

C. cash                    D. credit card

12. I can’t go shopping because I’m busy. __________, I don’t have any money.

A. Although              B. However

C. Besides                D. Otherwise

13. We bought this toy Koala as a ________ of our trip to Australia.

A. stuff                    B. duty free

C. thing                   D. souvenir

14. Does this clock come with a _________

A. manual                 B. warranty

C. maintenance tool   D. guaranteed

15. We can plan a (n) ________ that fits your need and budget?

A. meditation            B. list

C. Itinerary               D. discovery

16. Before you buy this product, you should ______ it

A. sample       B. post     C. purchase    D. exhibit

17. I don’t want to drink directly from the glass. I need a______.

A. saucer        B. ice         C. straw   D. spoon

18. Circle the word that is not like the other.

A. scenic                  B. dirty

C. lovely                  D. beautiful

19. Mark Parin is a super star in Thailand. He come from _______ of Thailand.

A. north                   B. northern

C. the north             D. the northern most

20. Circle in word that is not like the other.

A. route                   B. path

C. way                    D. park

21. Duangruthai: Whoa! Can you slow down a little, please.____________________

Driver: Of Course.

A. You can drive quickly    

B. You drived so quick.

C. You are driving too quickly.   

D. You driving too fast.

22. Tourist Guide: How many Chinese tourist are there in the bus?

22. Tourist Guide Assistant:________________________

A. They are tourist from China.

B. There are 35 tourists in bus.

C. These are Chinese tourist.

D. There is 1 person from China.

23. Wasurat: Have you ever been to Chiang Mai?


A. No, I don't never been there.   B. Yes, I ever there.

C. No,I've never been there.

D. Yes, I have be there 1 time.

24. Teerachai: I think the waiter__________ my food. We waited here for 1 hour.

Tichakorn: I think so.

A. has forgotten                  B. forgot

C. have forgot                     D. forgotten

25. Suthida: Would you like something to eat?

Wachiraporn:No, thanks.____________________

A. I have already has lunch.    B. I has some lunch.

C. I have just had lunch.       

D. I already have lunch.

26. This time last year.______________________

A. I stayed in Switzerland.

B. I was staying in Switzerland.

C. I have stayed in Switzerland.

D. I would stay in Switzerland.

27. I work in travel agency now. Before that________________

A. I'm working in hotel.        

B. I worked in hotel.

C. I have been working in hotel.  

D. I've worked in hotel.

28. Chiranya: What did you buy from Siam Paragon last night.


 A. I buy a diamond ring.

 B. I bough a "Prada" bag.

 C. I bought a modern shoes.  

 D. I buyed a new skirt.

29. Kamolchanok:____________________________

Siriwat: I will buy the car next year.

A. Do you buy the car?  

B. Do I have the car next year?

C. Will you buy the car next year?

D. Would you like the car next year?

30. At 10 o'clock tomorrow,___________________ at Tour company.

A. You will interviewing.

B. You will be interviewing.

C. You will have interviewed.  

D. You will interview.

31. Surachet: _______________________________

Rattawan:Hmmm, I want to eat beef steak.

A. What do you like eating?

B. What do you feel like eating?

C. What do you feel eating?

D. What would you like eating?

32. Hostess: ___________________________

Worada: Nonsmoking, please.

A. Where can I seat?

B. Where would you like to go?

C. Would you prefer nonsmoking or smoking?

D. Do you like nonsmoking area?

33. Waiter:It's big enough to share.

A. How is your food?

B. What kind of salad do you have?

C. How is the steak done?

D. How large are the portion?

34. Kaew:_________________________

Taxi Driver: Of course

A. Could you send me to Siam Paragon?

B. Please take me to Siam Paragon?

C. Can you take me to Siam Paragon?

D. All correct.

35. Waitress:________________________________

Kanchana: Uh. I'm sorry, But I didn’t order it like this.

A. Is there anything wrong with your order?

B. Do you like that?

C. Would you like something to drink before your meal?

D. Would you like some snack more?

36.Kriangsak: ________________________________

Train station clerk: Express-train tickets are about ten dollars more.

A. How is the express-train ticket?

B. How much more is it?  

C. How much do it cost?

D. How many ticket do you need?

37. Train Station Clerk:________________________

Tanakorn: round-trip, please.

A. Would you like round-trip ticket or one-way tickets?

B. When do you want to depart?

C. Is that a round-trip ticket?

D. What ticket would you like to buy?

38. Tourist: _____________________________

Guide: Well, we start the day by visiting Grand Palce.

A. Dose the price include lunch?

B. I would like to visit the famous attraction.

C. What's your itinerary for a day trip?

D. Is there any adventure activities?

39. Tourist:____________________________

Guide: If you are interested in history, then you will really need to visit the Ayutthaya Historical Park?

A. What tourist attraction would you recommend?

B. Do you have any plan to travel?

C. Could you give me the tourist map?

D. Where can I see the elephant?

40. Guest is walking to tourist information desk. You are tour operator. What is the first sentence to talk with guest?

A. How much are you looking to spend?

B. Do you like to be indoors or outdoors?

C. Welcome to tourist information desk. How may I assistant?

D. Do you want to be there all day or just half day?


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