ALCoB (APEC Leaning Community Builders) in 2003

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ALCoB (APEC Leaning Community Builders)

What is APEC Learning Community for shared Prosperity (ALCon)

The mission of APEC is to relieve various divides including a digital divide. Such "divide issues" impact not only on education but also on trade and economy.

The purpose of APEC Learning Community for Shared Prosperity is to establish and maintain a systematic working model with a human network that encourages active and continuous educational activities from the stakeholders and to support APEC in reaching to its ultimate goal of "shared prosperity".

This project was endorsed and financially supported by APEC Education Foundation (AEF).
The project was presented by Education Network (EDNET) at the 25th Human Resources Development Working Group (HRD WG) meeting in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia 1-4 July, 2003.


 Principles of APEC Learning Community 


ALCoB: The Core of ALCom 



APEC Learning Community = Internet Volunteers + Webzine +Much more

In order to efectively activate the APEC Learning Community, it is necessary to select "APEC Learning Community Builders (ALCoB)" who will help to bridge the knowledge divide, enhance knowledge capacity, and promote human exchange in APEC economies. ALCoB are the core members of ALCom who are qualified teachers, learners, and supporters selected from each economy. They are the pioneers of ALCom who will establish a learning community and will continue to develop and maintain the community. They will play a role as the key contact persons who voluntarily organize and perform on their own with a new vision of the future of education in APEC.


ALCoB Activities

Caring Each Other: ALCoB Internet Volunteer (AIV)
ALCoB Internet Volunteers will be selected and dispatched to member economies annually for ICT collaborative work in teacher training courses, special courses for students, seminars, workshops etc [kjd1] . Both volunteers and local participants will benefit from this caring-each-other activities.
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Sharing Know-how: ALCoB On-line Community
Virtual space for all kinds of online activities such as sharing of information and knowledge, forming cells or groups, proposing cooperative work, carrying out research work, and engaging in social cell-chatting.

Studying Together : ALCoB are encouraged to do academic research, analyses of ALCom projects or comparative research projects in ALCom and evaluation and consultation of projects at their own level through the ALCoBzine ( ) or Asia Pacific Cybereducation Journal (APCJ, ) .

Making Own Projects : Autonomy and ownership for the project are the greatest values of the ALCoB. Members are encouraged to make their own proposals of interest and invite others to join in implementing their own projects.

Making Friends : human exchanges through on-line and off-line meetings
Face-to-face meetings are still valued in APEC Learning Community and human exchanges are still key factors of ALCoB activities. Human exchange opportunities will be expanded to ALCoB learners from ALCoB teachers, and it will bring more ALCoB supporters to join in the APEC Learning Community for Shared Prosperity.


Accomplishments up to 2003

 Selection of ALCoB and ALCoB Workshop
- ALCoB Inauguration Ceremony: Korea (August), Indonesia (December), China (December)
- ALCoB Workshop: Korea (August & November), China (December)
- Number of ALCoB: 164 ALCoB in Total (Teacher: 142, Supporter: 22) in China, Chinese Taipei, Hong Kong China, Indonesia, Korea, Malaysia, New Zealand and Thailand

ALCoB Internet Volunteer
From 2001-2003, 95 volunteers were dispatched to member economies including China, Indonesia, Philippines, and Thailand to work with local teachers, students and educational administrators in various activities such as installing ICT equipment, teacher training, and workshops and seminars. The number of local participants was 647.

Joint Project Proposals : As of December 2003, twenty joint projects presented by Indonesia, six by Korea and one by the Philippines. These proposed projects will be discussed for action plans at the International ALCoB Conference 2004 for APEC Learning Community in Seoul, Korea, 17-19 January, 2004.

On-line Publication of ALCoBzine by 2003
As of December 2003, eight economies including Australia, Chinese Taipei, Indonesia, Japan, Korea, New Zealand, Philippines, and Thailand have submitted 99 articles covering Special Issues, ACEN News, Experience using ICT, Working Together, and ICT Learnin. Many of the articles are also available in Chinese, Indonesian, Japanese, Korean, Spanish and Thai as well as English.

ALCoB On-line Community Activities (

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